We offer our services through individual packages that give you flexibility.

 You can combine them as you like and have control over the different stages of your project. 

Give us a call to discuss which packages is right for you!

Fresh Eye Advice
With our trained eye we maximise the potential of your space 

We will meet you onsite to learn about you, your project, and understand your style and needs.


As we get a feel for the space, together we will come up with a detailed brief and key solutions.


You will receive some ideas on site and after our visit we will send you a detailed guide of the aspects we discussed.  


£90 per hour.

Look & Feel
Photorealistic images that translate your thoughts into design language

We will materialise the concept design for your project, translating your ideas into design language.


The use of photorealistic 3D images will allow you to visualise how the space may look and feel like before committing to a renovation or decorating project.

Prices based on project scope (starting from £350)

Open Sourced Catalogue
A detailed catalogue of suggested elements

We don’t earn commission or a markup from the elements that we choose for you. We choose them because they are the right elements for your project.

The detailed catalogue of suggested elements will match the brief and your budget. It will include links and/or shop information and where applicable, we will suggest more than one option for some of the elements, giving you the flexibility to choose the best option for your style and budget.

Prices based on project scope (starting from £380)

For projects requiring building work:
Technical Package

Once you have the plans, the renders and the details, you are all set to start your project. We are confident that with the package we have given you, everything will run as smoothly as any project can run. 

At this stage, you may choose to take matters into your own hands or perhaps you already have a team of contractors who you are happy to work with. We can also recommend contractors from different sectors

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