The Green Banana story


Alejandra and Camila, friends and designers, decided to join forces and create Green Banana, a more personable design and space improvement company which offers a wider range of services compared to a traditional interior design company.


A design partner that isn’t driven by the mere size of projects, but rather takes on projects knowing that with space improvement, big or small, comes the enhancement of everyday life.  


The name “Green Banana” expresses our aim to mature ideas with you, understanding your needs, then helping you translate your thoughts into architectural language. It also represents our style, reflecting on our Latin American roots, bringing friendliness, liveliness and joy of life into the company’s DNA and into our interaction with our clients. 

Why choose Green Banana?

  • We are a small yet agile company willing to spend time and effort regardless of the size of your project.

  • We are approachable & personable, looking to truly get to know our customers at an individual basis.

  • We offer the versatility of 3 well thought service packages to give you more flexibility than a traditional interior design company.

  • We would always start with an onsite/virtual visit to truly get a feel of the place, understanding your lifestyle and personal taste or preferences.

  • We are able to translate your thoughts into architectural language, you don’t need to worry about having to draft the project brief alone.


Alejandra and Camila are both Industrial Designers; holding a Masters in Fashion Design from the Politecnico di Milano and Masters in Branding from the University of the Arts in London. They have over 15 years of experience working in Architecture and Commercial departments in countries such as Colombia, Argentina, USA, Italy, Qatar and England.


Developing projects in Product, Architectural, Fashion & Graphic Design across the world they have managed projects from the creative instance of a product through to full completion of a renovation. Their multidisciplinary background and international experience has widened their understanding of different cultures, styles and aesthetics.